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Name/Work Name: Marceline Abadeer / Scarlet
Canon: Adventure Time
Canon Point: Immediately after the end of the Stakes miniseries
AU/CRAU: Nope!
Age: Over 1000
History: Here at the wiki!

Personality: Marceline is a very well-adjusted one thousand year old half-demon vampire, though of course given the competition that's not a hard thing to be. She can be emotional, and loves jokes and tricks and such, but the majority of the time she's chill – especially in the more mature state she reached after the events of the Stakes miniseries. At the very least she seems to have a disinclination towards killing or actually seriously injuring people without them doing a lot to deserve it. She did kill and soulsuck basically every vampire, after all, but that was to protect humanity before she actually, you know, became the only vampire in the world. Which brings me to the undercurrent of loneliness that undercuts her character, so long as we're on the subject of “major personality bits.” Being as she is one thousand years old, Marceline has had little to nothing resembling consistency throughout her years, and certainly little in the way of friends. She had Princess Bubblegum for a while, and now they're friends again, but Marceline is a lonely and, in her words, “emptiness”-filled character for much of her life, though again the events of Stakes have tempered that some. She mostly just seems to have trouble keeping herself in one place or with one purpose, except for music. Which she's exceptional at – singing and other music-making permeates everything she does and all the adventures she goes on, though more often than not she's a solo act.

Marceline is not unfriendly at all, but she tends to be difficult to get along with on account of her penchant for risk-taking and rule-breaking as well as encouraging others to do the same. That said, she doesn't seem to keep friends well on her end either. She's just gotten over implied centuries of bad blood with former at-least-good-friend Princess Bubblegum, but otherwise old enemies show up for her much more often than old friends. But by God she's loyal to those close to her, especially if they can jam along with her musically. She likes people with a disregard for the rules or Doing Stuff that she can get along with on equal footing, certainly, but she's not above fraternizing with nerdier crowds. Mostly she just likes people she finds interesting or, failing that, people who are relaxed and easygoing. She reacts very poorly to people being authoritative or controlling, especially people who try to change her or the way she acts, but she could be argued to have a soft spot for people who remind her of Simon before he became the Ice King.

Her view on the world at large is a little complicated, given her immortal status. She mostly seems to be at peace with things, but as revealed in Stakes the most significant perspective being immortal has given her is that history operates in cycles, with “no one learn[ing] anything because no one lives long enough”. This could account for her “unlive and let unlive” behavior and outlook, but it seems to indicate more than anything that Marceline has not held much hope for the ability of others for much of her life. The events of Stakes seem to have given her new hope, but for a long time it seems her drive was missing, hence the “emptiness” of immortality that she cites to Bubblegum as the reason for wanting her vampire effluvium removed. But if her words at the end of Stakes are to be believed, she has found a drive to keep going, and is at peace with her renewed immortality after the Vampire King's cloud bites her. She doesn't seem to seek conflict as much as she used to, but flashbacks indicate that she used to believe strongly in acting to defend humanity, as seen when she hunted down all the vampires of the world to keep humans safe. She seems to have matured past that viewpoint by now, though, referring to herself as “just a messed-up kid” when she killed the vampires and, by extension, became one. Being immortal seems to have cased her at some point to give up on maturing emotionally, acting in a sort of stasis until Stakes forces her to grow up some. That said, having fun is such an integral part of her drive that I doubt that's gone from her. Maybe it just won't be as much at other people's expense anymore.

She has survived a great number of things over time, and as such Marceline has a wide pool of knowledge and, to use the word a little unfairly lightly, “wisdom” to draw on. Born half-demon, with her father being basically the lord of evil (actually, literally the Lord of Evil, according to him), she has a complicated view of morality largely borne out of rebellion against him but also against good and against... well, every power structure she's encountered in her life, oops. She also survived the Mushroom War that wiped out civilization as we know it, making her one of the very VERY few characters in AT who know what life was like before the bomb fell. Then she watched as civilization rebuild, maybe even fell and was rebuilt again, until now she and a few other immortal characters are the ones who basically have the ability to guide civilization. She has a looooong-lasting and complicated relationship with Bubblegum in particular, and so her feelings on friendship are mixed as well, though it's important to note that she doesn't avoid it. Of all the immortal things she deals with, shying away from attachments she does not. But she loves new experiences and adventures despite all this, which might explain why she, say, decided to spent time working for a witch in another dimension despite her overall distrust of witches.

Debt: Saving Simon from the crown without killing him! Witches can probably do that kinda junk, right?

Previous Game Info: n/a

Inventory: T-shirt, jeans, boots, and her axe-bass!

Abilities: Flying, invisibility, really fast healing, vampire fangs and such, telekinesis, shapeshifting, and the ability to suck out and eat souls (which she doesn't use anymore, but could still technically do).

Strengths and Weaknesses:

+ Vampire Powers – Marceline has a lot of fantastic powers! Ageless, shapeshifting, fast healing, yadda yadda yadda. Base physical strengths, but still they absolutely are one of her greatest strengths in general.
+ Creativity – Not just artistic creativity, Marceline is creative and imaginative in general. Though her drive to actually do things it not as high as other creative types, her ability to make lots of music is effectively unmatched in the show if nothing else.
+ Loyalty – Marceline has put up with the Ice King for a thousand years out of loyalty to Simon, but also refuses to give up on people who are her friends in general. Once her trust has been earned, at least, she tries her best to keep a person around.
+ Perseverance – Marceline doesn't give up on things very easily in general. Though this can also be a bad thing (see: weaknesses) she doesn't have a lot of patience but is very driven.
+ Adaptability – Marceline goes with the flow! In a very musical way. She rolls with the punches as they come, you know?

- Boredom – She moves a lot and tries a lot of new things and styles pretty consistently, and her thousand years of life seem to have left her with a drive to try new things instead of do what she's already done, though Stakes seems to have tempered this some.
- Quick to Anger – Oh man is she, and when she gets angry she tends to overreact and shapeshift angrily at people.
- Holds Grudges – Hoo boy, another downside of immortality – she is bad at letting slights go. Even complicated issues she generally parses as petty grudges (see: her feelings towards her dad manifest as anger at him for stealing and eating her fries).
- Vampire Digestion – She can't eat regular food at all – she throws it up fairly quickly if she tries – and if she goes without red for too long she will revert to blood-sucking and fly into a violent rage.
- Sunlight – I mean. She's a vampire. It takes multiple million SPF for her to deal with sunlight without boiling. Luckily she heals so incredibly fast as a result of having eaten The Moon's soul, but. It's a pretty notable weakness.


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